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G’day! I’m Henry Goldstein. I’m an Adolescent & Young Adult Physician & General Paediatrician based in Queensland, Australia. In 2013, I co-founded Don’t Forget The Bubbles, a paediatric medical education website based on the principle of FOAM (Free, Open Access Medical Education).
I have a passion for innovation, understanding health systems, youth appropriate healthcare and knowledge translation.
My career mission is to support doctors and the health system to give better, more human, care to children and young people.


Aug 2022 - present

Henry is the inaugural Adolescent & Young Adult Physician trained in Queensland, and is a foundational member of the Gold Coast University Hospital Adolescent & Young Adult Service. He has experience in a broad range of AYA care, including inpatient and outpatient care, eating disorders, functional disorders, complex medical presentations, supporting transition of care, drug and alcohol care, sexual healthcare and indigenous health.

Henry particularly enjoys Consultation/Liaison Adolescent Medicine and the collaboration, networking and cultural change this promotes. He frequently provides professional education for medical, nursing and allied health colleagues. His passion for AYA Medicine was sparked as a medical student, after spending time in Lausanne, Switzerland.


June 2013 - present

Henry co-founded Don’t Forget The Bubbles in 2013. DFTB is a Paediatric medical education group, founded on the principle of Free Open Access Medical Education. The group hosts a core website & broad social media portfolio, aimed at anyone who cares for children and adolescents. Henry is the Programme Director for DFTB's major international and online conferences.

DFTB’s mission is to take a world-recognised leadership role in making meaning of information in paediatric medicine, for clinicians. They publish high quality, practical, pragmatic, evidence and science-based information in a style that is easy to read and easy to remember. DFTB has collaborated with PREDICT, PECARN, PERUKI and the RCPCH. Henry's work on COVID has been referenced by National Geographic, The Economist and the World Health Organisation, and mentioned by Jimmy Fallon & James Corden


June 2021 - present

Henry works at the Queensland Children’s Hospital as a Consultant General Paediatrician. He joined the hospital as a basic trainee in 2015, soon after it opened. He has worked throughout the hospital in a range of paediatric medical sub-specialities, critical care, emergency and psychiatry teams, and enjoys the complexity of tertiary paediatric medicine.

In 2018, Henry served as the Chief Medical Registrar, managing a cohort of ~300 junior doctors and leading a trio of projects including reforming morning handover, the ACE Registrar initiative and the Super Thursday education programme.

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As an Adolescent & Young Adult Physician and General Paediatrician, Henry has broad experience in complex medical care for young people in the tertiary & quaternary hospital environments. He provides kind clinical care and guidance for young people and their families through a healthcare journey.

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Henry is an enthusiastic and professional teacher, comfortable with the entire gamut of medical education from informal individual & small group teaching to department-level programme design. Henry has specific expertise in crafting conference programmes for online and face-to-face events.

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Henry is an accomplished leader, innovator and cultural champion. He loves to work in teams and relishes the opportunity to build networks to solve complex clinical, operational and organisational conundrums.

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